16" CYCLE Kids Bike

It's time to learn how to pedal! The 16” CYCLE Kids bike will make it a breeze. At only 15.75 pounds, this lightweight bike is designed with a natural upright riding position and combined with a low bottom bracket height for stability and increased seat adjustability, that will keep your child safe and comfortable when they’re cruising the neighborhood. This is a bike made for making memories!.

Model Numbers
Orange | #86164
Blue | #86162
Lilac |  #86166



Never Leave Home Without One!


We've made one of the lightest bikes
on the scene right now -
 about 15.75 lbs.
Adventure isn't easy but it's accessible!
Each bike is built with natural riding support.
We've sloped the geometry of the frame and lowered our bottom bracket to increase stability and greater control.
We've supplied you with everything you need to be successful in assembling your bicycle with ease.
Swift and painless, assembling a bike
together has never been this easy.
More time for fun together!
Curated with unique colors,
CYCLE Kids Orange, Blue, and Lilac, bikes and helmets are a sure fire kid and parent pleaser.
Along with assembly and maintenance,
we've included tons of tips and tricks
for new riders, and even nutrition.