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How Should My Helmet Be Fitting on My Head?

Not sure if your helmet is fitting correctly? Below are some tips on how to ensure that your helmet is correctly sitting on your head!
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At CYCLE Kids, our number one priority is safety, of course, while having fun. As a rider, you must wear your helmet each time to avoid the risk of injury! Your noggin is the most powerful part of your body, and we don't want heads rolling, especially the worrying parents. Here at CYCLE Kids Bikes, we have the perfect trick to ensure that your helmet is sitting correctly. Implementing the tips and tricks below at a young age will ensure that your child will follow safety guidelines without a second thought.

1. CYCLE Kids Salute

Refer to our CYCLE Kids salute rule that your helmet should sit 2-3 fingers above your nose. Before you ride, double-check the CYCLE Kids salute! Is your helmet right above your eyebrows? If yes, then you're good to go! If not, readjust the helmet.



When your helmet sits on your head, the helmet should never lean to one side. Make sure the helmet is always flat and level. Otherwise, the helmet will not protect your head to the fullest potential.

2. Fitting Your Straps

Let's talk about the straps! Every strap should be secured under your chin and form a "Y" shape on the right and left sides. The belt should stay buckled when riding, be even, and never drift to one side. These measures will help to ensure that the helmet will be buckled correctly. 

Our helmet includes many safety features that enhance a young biker's experience, such as:

  • A magnetic buckle that allows a child to take their helmet off in 5 seconds or less. 
  • Reflective features to our logo and straps that make your child visible at all times of the day. 
  • An adjustable dial in the back helps achieve the perfect fit for kids'.

3. Choosing the Right Size

CYCLE Kids Variety of Sizes

Make sure that when choosing a helmet, it is the correct size depending on your child's age. If you have a kid 2-4yrs with a head size of 18.9in-20.5in, you should purchase a toddler helmet. A child helmet would best fit if your kid is 4-6yrs with a head size of 20.1in-22in. Buy a youth helmet if your child is 6-9yrs with a head size of 20.1in-22in. Lastly, we recommend an adult helmet for individuals 14+ with a head size of 21.7in-23.2in. Buying the correct helmet size plays a significant role in whether the helmet will be safe and secure on the head.

To close off, we want to leave you with some final thoughts to consider before you ride. Ask yourself: Is the helmet comfortable? Does it cover my forehead? Am I secured into the helmet? These questions will help to conclude whether you have your helmet on correctly before beginning your biking journey. And don't forget to double-check your CYCLE Kids salute!

Your search stops here if you want a helmet with excellent safety features. Shop all of our helmets on to prioritize a safe ride for your child.


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