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Finding the Right Size & Your Child’s Inseam

Ever wonder if your bike truly is the best fit for you? Here at CYCLE Kids, we believe that finding your perfect bike fit is extremely important to prevent injuries for riders of all ages!
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To ride a bike, you need to fit on it. Although, without the knowledge of knowing which size your bicycle needs to be, it can be hard to find that perfect fit. There are many ways to measure, even if you don't currently have a bike to use. We don't want you hitting your knees on the handlebar or having a bike be too tall for you. Whether it's for yourself or your child, there's no need to fret anymore, as we have some tips for finding the ideal size. 

1. Assess the Frame

Boy on orange bike


When you get on the bike, if it doesn’t feel natural and is more awkward to use, the bike may be too small. On the other hand, if you struggle to reach the pedals and maintain a balance, the bike is too big. A helpful trick is when you stand on your feet flat and see if you are above the top tube. You and the frame should have a 1.5” to 4” inch difference. 

2. Saddle Height

The saddle height is the distance between the pedal's center and the seat's top. If the saddle height is low, you will not be able to fully use all of your leg muscles, if it is too high, your balance will be off. When your seat is adjusted to the perfect fit, it will mean that you will have a bend in one knee, and the other will be straight with the pedal. If not, move the seat up and down, left and right, using the bolts provided under the seat to adjust in the correct position.

3. The Inseam

Showing the inseam of a girl on a green bike

For a general understanding of an inseam, it's the distance between the highest part of your thigh down to your ankle. Measuring your inseam is crucial when figuring out the bike size best suited to you. If the inseam is not correctly measured and fitted to the correct size bike, the risk of injury and not being comfortable on the bike will increase. Measuring an inseam is simple and can be done quickly at home with suitable materials.

Here's how you measure it:

  1. Stand up straight against a wall barefoot.
  2. Have someone measure from the highest point on the inner thigh down to the ground. 
  3. The number calculated will be the length of your inseam.

In light of this information, we recommend that you assess the frame, measure the saddle height, and measure the inseam before buying. Your height affects if you will be too close to the top tube, determined by the frame. The saddle height is also essential as it ensures you are comfortable and allows you to ride for longer. However, the most critical measurement is the inseam: it ensures that the bike will fit best to your measurements. As long as you know your child's inseam and height, you can use that information to look at our kid's bike chart to determine the best size for your kid. 

Once you have found your perfect fit, you can shop all of our bikes on our website! By finding the right size, you are one step closer to becoming CYCLE Kids!

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